ITAM Platform UI/UX Rebranding and Redesign

The High Peak Team redesigned and rebranded client’s ITAM and CMDB SaaS platform, making significant improvements to the UI and UX of the system for intuitive use and navigation. They also worked on redefining the complex visual data of highly technical information.

Client Overview

The company is a leading CMDB automation and end-end IT asset management (ITAM) platform in the US. Its configuration management automation for hybrid IT environments ensures that the C-suite, ITOps, DevOps, SecOps and GRC stakeholders gain the critical insights needed to make informed and timely decisions. 

Features of ITAM

  • UI rebranding
  • Revised information architecture
  • Iconography redesign
  • Redesigning data visualization
  • Business Service Mapping UI and graphics upgrade
  • Redesigned report generation with simplification of complex visuals

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