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Our client works with the UN, several NGOs, and the government in South East Asia, specifically focused on automatic translation platform of research surveys and interviews. They aim to connect the government and non-profit organizations with dedicated retainers of translators, transcribers, and editors, and improve the turn-around time and quality control of the end-to-end translation services process.


INGOs conduct and document interviews and surveys as a part of their research process. Oftentimes, the interviewers need to have knowledge of the local languages spoken in the particular area so that they are able to communicate with the local residents.

The current challenge for INGOs operating in developing countries is the lack of a mature qualitative and quantitative research value chain, especially around translation and transcription of the local languages into English. They often lack the technical and organizational capacity to overcome such challenges.

Our client wanted to alleviate these problems by providing a platform to provide transcription and translation services to INGOs with a primary focus on quality control.

CHALLENGES in Creating Translation Platform

One of the major challenges for the team was to process the large quantities of data in audio and video formats.

Owing to the scarcity of training data, the team faced a challenge in building machine learning models to incorporate multiple languages.

Ensuring quality control of all annotated data was yet another challenge.


High Peak designed and developed a platform that enables INGOs and research organizations to transcribe and translate local languages into English text.

The platform aims to serve as a tool for INGOs to manage their qualitative research processes.

Professional translation services platform

With the current translation services platform, users can:

Upload audio and video files to the platform for transcription and translation.

Access free file storage. High Peak used AWS Elastic File Storage (EFS) for storing and securing user-related files.

Make payments via an online payment gateway.

Store uploaded files and download processed files.

Get support. The FAQs section on the platform allows users to understand the workings of the platform.

High Peak encrypted all communications and transactions with SSL encryption.

Annotation platform

High Peak designed and developed a native android application that works like an annotation tool.

This translation platform is essentially a crowdsourcing platform for gathering annotation data and enabling transcribers and translators to collaborate.

High Peak is working to make this into a progressive web application in the future.

With the current annotation platform annotators can perform the following actions based on their roles and responsibilities:

Access audio and video files for transcription or translation.

Transcribe audio and/or video files.

Translate audio and/or video files.

Edit and review the annotated files.

Upload processed documents to the platform to perform either of the above mentioned actions.

Receive payment for completion of work.



  • Kotlin
  • React.js


  • Java
  • Spring Boot


  • MySQL

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