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PeakSpeak is an anonymous group chat application designed and developed using React Native, a cross-platform development framework. PeakSpeak allows you to exchange messages anonymously on a group chat. It can be used for org-wide feedback gathering, anonymous employee reviews, and surveys. They needed High Peak Software to build a group chat application.


Easy registration

You can register with your mobile phone number and invite others to join via an SMS invite.

Anonymous chatting

PeakSpeak allows you to exchange anonymous messages by creating and adding members to groups. Messages sent by any user on the group stays hidden.

User privacy

As a PeakSpeak user, you have the option to mute a group chat, block a contact, and report abusive messages in a group chat.

Admin actions

PeakSpeak allows group admins to add, remove, block, or report other members accordingly.


Provide anonymous feedback

PeakSpeak can be used to gather anonymous feedback about assets organization-wide. In addition, it can be used for group discussions on any topic where the participants wish to remain anonymous.

Submit anonymous surveys

Organizations can use PeakSpeak to conduct anonymous reviews for employees, allowing them to share their opinions freely. It can also be used for surveys and questionnaires.


  • Firebase
  • VSCode
  • React Native

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