Office Ergonomic Software

office ergonomic software


Our client is a leading environmental health and safety (EH&S) software company in the US. The company leverages cloud computing technology to create solutions that are used by major corporations and governments in the world to gauge, manage, record, and report mission critical EH&S data. They needed an office ergonomic software.


Employees with desk jobs typically spend a large part of their day working on a computer system at a desk. Due to the strain of sitting for long periods of time, they are prone to various ergonomic injuries, such as lumbar complications.

Perennial typing habits could also lead to injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. This is only one part of the problem, however. Others include monitoring and maintaining workplace safety and employee health, according to standard industry regulations.

Our client wanted to automate parts of the process of ensuring and monitoring health and safety regulations. The High Peak team helped digitize this operation.


A part of this automation process involved dealing with large data sets, including personal and ergonomic data of large-enterprise workforce. For instance, monitoring employee break durations, number of keystrokes, number of mouse clicks, and so on, for thousands of employees contributed to big data.

For self-assessment and awareness creation, the client wanted to create training materials, specific to each industry. However, since every industry has its own set of safety regulations and standards, the training materials had to be customized accordingly.

Further, in addition to logging existing problems in the health and safety department of an organization, the system had to incorporate a way for users to create new tickets as and when they arise.


High Peak helped design and develop the office ergonomic software (OES), a behavioral biometric-based intelligent safety system.

Office ergonomic software

This OES collects extensive information about employee behavioral biometrics such as typing habits, and device use. This enables organizations to gain insights into employee productivity and workstyle, org-wide.

The core OES was designed to create and manage training materials, track employee biometric behavior, generate reports and assessments, collect feedback, and record surveys.

Behavioural biometrics tracking system

High Peak integrated a behavioural biometrics tracking system to track various aspects of employee ergonomic behavior. This tool tracks device use, keystroke habits, typing habits, and mouse clicks.

Based on such observations, the system provides warnings and trigger alerts so that employees can estimate the risk levels and make suitable amendments.

For instance, the system will prompt an employee to take a break or perform simple exercises if the employee spends too much time staring at the monitor.

Interactive learning management system

Training and ergonomic awareness videos

The team integrated an interactive learning management system (LMS) which contains information on ergonomic safety, best practices for employees, and training schedules.

The interactive LMS also allows employees to create new training materials customized for the organization, which are then exported to the core OES.

Survey management tool

The interactive survey management tool enables organizations to create surveys and questionnaires for employees.

The surveys and questionnaires are conducted to gauge the employee’s comfort levels, risk levels, and any other issues they may be facing at the workplace.

The responses obtained from these surveys and questionnaires are stored and exported to the core OES.

Issue management system

The issue management system (IMS) enables employees and teams to submit ergonomic problems or other issues faced by them such as improper working conditions, temperature suitability, inadequate lighting, and more.

The IMS also allows enterprise workers to log issues for new problems. Consequently, these new problems will be evaluated by a supervisor and new training materials and/or safety equipment and manuals would be added to the LMS.

Customer relationship management system (CRM)

The CRM facilitates customization of the OES in accordance with the organization’s requirements and the industry it belongs to.

Intelligent reporting system

High Peak developed an intelligent reporting system to generate reports based on responses obtained from the surveys and questionnaires.

In addition, the data from the behavioural biometrics tracking system is synced to the intelligent reporting system for report generation.

These reports contain information regarding attendance of employees during training, comfort levels at work, risk levels at work, training schedules of employees, and other metrics.

Comprehensive dashboard

High Peak designed and developed a comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of all the data in the core OES.

The dashboard can also be used for setting role-based access depending on the employee’s role in the organization.



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  • Java
  • ColdFusion


  • Microsoft SQL Server Database

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