Lawyer Networking Platform

lawyer networking platform


Our client is an established law firm with more than twenty years of experience that spans across three continents. The firm has extensive expertise in corporate and commercial law, general corporate, technology, immigration, conflict resolution, intellectual property and employment law. Their main requirement was an integrated lawyer networking platform.


Traditionally, lawyers have always had brick-and-mortar work environments with four-walled offices and courtrooms. Most domains today have introduced virtual work environments to encourage employees to pick and choose their work location and timings.

In addition, certain lawyers such as those returning to work after a break, fresh law graduates, retired lawyers, and even sole practitioners are faced with challenges in the ever evolving profession of law.

Our client wanted to develop a virtual platform for all such lawyers to communicate, work together, and practice law.

The platform would ideally serve as an avenue for lawyers across geographies to exchange knowledge and practice law at their own convenience.


Because the field of law was completely new territory for the technical team, the major challenge was learning and understanding the day-to-day work routines of lawyers, and the modus operandi of the law profession.

The team needed to create a platform that could cater to a target audience comprising lawyers from distinct domains of law. With that in mind, the team focused on developing this business model to allow the transition of the users of the platform and help them understand how to work with it.

Yet another challenge was to ensure the overall security of the platform, maintain user privacy, and protect user assets like confidential client documents, legal contract documents and so on.


High Peak designed and developed a lawyer-to-lawyer networking platform that facilitates lawyers to communicate, exchange knowledge, and practice law virtually. The platform can be used by law professionals ranging from law graduates and sole practitioners to lawyers who are looking to work after a break.

Lawyer discovery system

The main feature of the lawyer networking platform, the lawyer discovery system, caters to discovering lawyers that wield expertise in specific areas of law.

During our user testing phase and while monitoring user behavior on the platform, we found that the lawyers were actively looking for junior lawyers, associates, and co-lawyers to help out with their workload.

Therefore, the lawyer discovery system enables lawyers to find other lawyers using filters such as location, areas of practice, and so on.

The system also allows lawyers to filter names based on the lawyer’s bar admission. Members can also mark certain lawyers as favorites for easy and immediate access for task allocation.

Task management system

High Peak designed and developed a task management system which provides an overview of cases and tasks for a lawyer. It enables lawyers to delegate cases and tasks to other lawyers, accept cases from other lawyers, assign favorites for easy task delegation, and more.

An inventory of all assigned tasks can be maintained on the dashboard, along with time reports to keep track of work progression. Members can also view their invoices on the platform.

User management system

The lawyer networking platform operates on an invite-only policy. Lawyers can become members on the platform after obtaining an invite from an existing member.

As a member, the user can create a profile on the dashboard. The dashboard is an overview of the lawyer’s profile containing assigned tasks, client information, and invoices.

The system also allows for tracking of subscriptions, and upgrading and downgrading of users of the platform.

Feedback management system

The platform includes a feedback management system, which allows members to report bugs, log in issues on the platform, raise requests, and provide feedback.

The HPS team actively tracks the feedback received on the platform and follows up with the users. Members of the platform are continually updated about necessary bug fixes, feature additions, and other related updates.

Invoice management system

The lawyer networking platform also includes an invoice management system that allows lawyers to generate invoices for their clients.

Lawyers can receive or make payments via a payment gateway that is integrated with the platform.

Knowledge centre

A section of the platform is dedicated to sharing and exchanging of information on the latest trends in the law.

This section contains web links, videos, law updates, events, and podcasts. Users can also share and upload their own articles or blogs for other members to read.

Event management system

High Peak designed an event management system to keep members on the platform abreast of law-related events such as the lawyer round table sessions.

Such events are also conducted for the members across India to come together to network, share knowledge, and discuss trends.

TECHNOLOGIES USED in Making Lawyer Networking Platform


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Redis
  • Redux


  • Java
  • Spring Boot Framework
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • WebSockets

Hosted on

  • AWS


  • Elastic Block Store

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