IT Security & Service Management


Our client is a provider of data quality management software, which ensures the integrity and quality of IT and operational data. They transform, align, and unify data across a range of sources in the industry, enabling businesses to improve IT and OT strategies and recommendations, while driving downstream value across organizations. Their main requirement was an enhanced ITSM engine.


The IT security & service management (ITSM) deals with big data. It previously took 36 hours to process and clean one day’s worth of data on system status and performance. This hindered several follow-up and linked processes, such as retrieving information on system anomalies and analyzing and fixing them in time.


As the number of customers/tenants and data volume expanded exponentially, the data cleansing and processing needed to become more scalable and robust. In addition, the processing time needed to be reduced dramatically in order to evoke faster response time for fixing anomalies in the system. Thus, an optimizes ITSM was the only thing needed.

SOLUTIONS for Creating the ITSM Engine

The ITSM Engine built by High Peak is a high performance tool powered by machine learning algorithms. It accelerates the big data cleansing process and reduces the processing time from 36 hours to 3 hours.

TECHNOLOGIES USED in Creating the ITSM Engine


  • Javascript
  • Angular JS V1
  • Gulp.js
  • Babel
  • Node.js


  • Java
  • Cassandra
  • Redis
  • Spark

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