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Our client is a leading online financial marketing platform with an audience of 25 million influential decision makers, including individual investors, active traders, financial advisors, institutional investors and so on. The organization empowers the financial ecosystem of publishers, brands and audiences through highly effective digital solutions designed specifically for the financial services industry using a unique mix of data and technology. The most important requirement for them was an ad Campaign Optimization Solution


Our client is a leading financial media publishing company in the U.S dealing with ad campaigns.

They were able to publish only one ad at a time on one website. Because the client publishes ads on nearly 130 websites, this process required a significant amount of manual effort and time. In addition, the administrative processes were slow.

They were using an outdated system that prevented them from customizing the features for their use. The client approached High Peak to develop an intelligent ad campaign optimization solution.


High Peak had to make significant changes and add customized features to the application.

A major challenge for the team was to rewrite the code to improve its robustness and security by making the system invulnerable to outside attacks.

The codebase obtained from the existing system was not clean. So the HPS team had to clean up the code and ensure that best practices were followed with respect to code standardization. The team also had to enhance the entire codebase for scalability and consistency.

SOLUTIONS for Ad Campaign Optimization Solution

Enhanced campaign management system

The campaign management system allows bulk addition of ads across several hundred websites at a time, thereby saving time and effort.

With the previous system, bulk additions were not possible and took a considerable amount of time to publish ads.

Users can clone campaigns and replicate the settings and functionalities of one campaign for other campaigns. In addition, campaigns can also be customized according to different requirements.

Intelligent report generation

The intelligent report generation tool generates reports showcasing various metrics such as ad viewability, click-through rate, cost-per-click, and so on. These reports are generated in near real-time and on demand.

These reports help in determining the top-performing websites as well as the non-performing ones. With this information, the client is able to make informed decisions regarding the campaigns.

For instance, the campaigns are optimized to include only the top-performing publishers and non performing campaigns are eliminated.

Interactive dashboard

High Peak designed and developed an interactive dashboard that provides users an overview of all the ad campaigns and other important information such as top-performing websites enabling them to take quick actions.

Improved backend security

The HPS team re-architected the backend of the application for improved security. Code standardization was carried out by rewriting the code to improve the quality and structure.

Because the Spring Framework has an extensive online community and support, the team decided to include the latest version of the framework within the application. The Spring Framework comes with Spring Security, which improves backend data safety and access.

User management system

High Peak designed and developed a user management system for assigning roles and responsibilities to users; for instance, campaign managers, team members, and so on.

In order to cater to these different requirements, the High Peak team built the platform with role-based, secure information access.

TECHNOLOGIES USED in Creating the Ad Campaign Optimization Solution


  • Keras.js


  • Java
  • Spring Boot

Hosted on

  • AWS

Pipeline Management

  • Apache AirFlow

Data Processing

  • Apache Spark
  • Amazon RedShift Spectrum

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