Health & Fitness App for Wearable

Health & Fitness App


Our client is a manufacturer of smart shirts aimed to be used by military personnel, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. They needed a Health & Fitness App.


The client wanted to expand their wearable technology, a SmartShirt, used by military forces to track soldiers on the battlefield to a larger, civilian consumer base.

The objective was to develop a Health & Fitness App that could seamlessly connect to the SmartShirt and monitor and improve the daily exercises and fitness activities of athletes.


The amount of data received from just one user was very large–about 10,000 packets per second.

Some of the heavy challenges were parsing this large, raw data to retrieve inferences for providing real- time insights, optimizing the processing time and storage in order to skirt the level that can be handled by a Bluetooth connection, etc.

SOLUTIONS for Health & Fitness App

The Sarvint mobile app is an iOS Health & Fitness App, which pairs with a SmartShirt controller device to process biometric and other related data.

This app provides real – time insights on workouts. It is designed by our engineering team to analyze these data during workout sessions to track and improve user performance and help prevent injuries.

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