Gold Loan Application

Gold Loan Application

High Peak Software designed and developed a robust gold loan application system for tracking and storage of consumer gold against loans using high-end technology. 

Client overview

The company is a technology-based platform for facilitating instant gold loans with tech-assisted storage and tracking. It is focused on providing seamless and superior services to its customers and enables them to get the maximum value of their gold in the comfort of their homes. Thus came with a demand for an optimized gold loan application.


Loan officer app

Customer onboarding and management

New customer registration, Loan request management from existing customers, customer profiles, etc.  

Loan processing on the gold loan application

Gold evaluation, Lending partner selection based on proximity to customer location, kinds of loan products/amounts based on customer interest, commercial viability, business priority based on performance, etc. collection and verification of KYCs, loan request approval and cancellation, customer consent through OTP.

Admin console

Loan disbursement approval

View and track existing loans, loan management, customer management, loan product management

Tracking and storage status

Gold transportation tracking and storage status through IoT-enabled mobile hardware vault.

Ongoing module:


An IoT-enabled hardware vault with GPS tracking, multi-level security for the box and the delivery person, monitoring and permissions to open and close the mobile vault through the electronic sensor (RFID/QR), obtaining information on gold loan application which includes jewelry quantity and information.

Customer app


Customer profile, primary details, verification (OTP), KYC, nominees, bank details

Raising loan request

Gold details, loan calculator, selection of loan types, scheduling loan officer visit

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