Financial Bookkeeping & Accounting Software

Financial Bookkeeping & Accounting Software

The application is a fintech platform used by accountants and managers to keep track of their books. This Financial Bookkeeping & Accounting Software tracks and reports account transactions, status updates, operations and other relevant financial events.  

Client overview

This is a financial transaction management company for the modern business. The fintech platform is an integrated, scalable framework to manage the full lifecycle of financial transactions. They help companies of all sizes to strengthen, streamline and automate financial processes and accounting tasks.

Features of Financial Bookkeeping & Accounting Software

Accounts management system

Users can select an account keeping book from a list of options and view the latest balance and upcoming payments details. They can also view the summary of different accounts: contracts, balance, last payment, next payment, etc.).

Contracts management system

Selecting an account takes the user to the contract details page. In the contract details page the user can see all the contracts under a particular account, such as the status of the contract, outstanding/available balance, next payment, actions, contract info, etc. They can also view the transaction history under that contract. 

Transaction history and upcoming payment summary

Under upcoming payments, the user can change payment dates and view the schedule of the payments.

Manual event recording

Under transactions, there is an action called record event that can be used to capture any kind of transaction manually.

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