Chemical Management Solution

Chemical Management Solution


Our client is a leading environmental health and safety (EH&S) software company in the US.

The company leverages cloud computing technology to create solutions that are used by major corporations and governments globally to gauge, manage, record, and report mission critical EH&S data.


Chemical management involves the manual processes of handling, distributing, and storing of chemicals. Further, monitoring and tracking the chemicals, process control, distribution control, and complying with safety regulations and maintaining safety standards are also part of the tedious process.

Our client wanted to digitize and automate this entire lifecycle for enterprises and pharmacies handling various chemicals. Basically an optimized chemical management solution.


Each chemical comes with its own regulatory compliances and safety standards set as per global regulations, such as RECH, RoHS, WEEE, CA65, and so on. Accurately mapping existing and new chemicals against these standards was a major challenge, owing to large datasets and centralising data from various data sources.

Because every chemical has different regulatory compliances depending on the properties of that chemical, the team had to create different templates for request forms. Further, customizing these forms for different chemicals was another challenge. Thus, a chemical management solution was an immediate requirement by them.


High Peak helped design and develop a web application for digitizing the chemical management solution which includes inventory and logistics process.

Safety data sheet (SDS) builder

This web application allows users to create and export safety data sheets for every chemical. These data sheets typically include regulatory compliance information, chemical and physical properties, etc. for the corresponding chemicals. Users can also search for any existing SDS if required.

The drag-and-drop feature of the SDS builder makes for a highly configurable system to create customized new formats for safety data sheets

Label generator

Every chemical container comes with its own set of labels, warning potential handlers of its physical and chemical properties. Labels are important elements of safety data sheets.

Along with the SDS builder, High Peak has built a highly configurable label generator, which allows for creation of new labels according to compliatory and regulatory requirements.

The label generator also comes with predefined templates for thousands of widely used standardized labels.

SDS library

SDS library is essentially a secure database of all the chemicals, along with their corresponding information, including safety data sheets.

When a vendor puts in a request for an existing chemical, the corresponding safety sheet is pulled up and the vendor’s orders are processed accordingly.

If a new order comes in for a chemical that is not yet registered in the SDS library, the chemical’s corresponding information is created along with a new safety data sheet using the SDS builder, and this new information is automatically stored in the SDS Library.

Intelligent text viewer

Because the safety data sheets come in a plethora of templates, according to geography, compliance and other regulatory requirements, it is crucial to adhere to them.

Once the safety data sheet is built for a certain chemical, the intelligent text viewer allows the user to view the information in any of the several standardized formats available and choose the required format to adhere to.

Chemical order management system

This system allows a vendor to search for a particular chemical available in the vicinity of their location.

If the product is available, they can raise a request for the transportation and consumption of the chemical. This new order goes through multiple approval processes. The Chemical order management system enables the sellers and distributors to create a configurable workflow to accommodate these approval processes.

If the product is not available on the system, a request for creating and storing the corresponding information for the new chemical, and the above order management process is carried out, once the product’s information is created in the SDS builder and stored in the SDS library.

Chemical inventory & logistics management system

The inventory and logistics management system stores updated information on the availability and transportation of all chemicals stored in the SDS library.

This information is particularly useful when a chemical is out of stock or its transportation details are under scrutiny during an audit.



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